Asset Recovery

HKLiquidations is the only source you’ll need when it comes to Technology asset retirement. Don’t bother with the unnecessary concerns of disposal regulations or costly recycling fees. HkLiquidations makes it easy for you, by determining the best method for disposing of your assets and obtaining the maximum return for all recyclable items. Let our team of trained professionals manage this process for you.

Our reverse logistics process entails the planning, controlling and implementation of the most effective and efficient inbound flow and storage of our client’s secondary goods and related information; for the purpose of recovering the highest value possible or its proper disposal. Our Reverse supply chain process includes: Product returns and management of their disposition, Limited re-manufacturing and refurbishing activities as well as management and the sale of surplus or retired equipment and technology.

  • Product acquisition: Obtaining the used product from the user by the reseller or manufacturer.
  • Reverse logistics: The transportation of products to our facility for inspecting, sorting and disposition.
  • Inspection and disposition: Assessing the condition of the return and making the most profitable decision for reuse.
  • Limited remanufacturing or refurbishing of assets: Returning the product as close to its original specifications as possible in order to obtain the highest resale value.
  • Marketing: Creating secondary markets for your recovered products by utilizing the internet and our network of nationwide vendors.